Ashley is an artist and designer living in Providence, RI. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI, with disciplines in metals and jewelry design. Exploring materials, such as; wood, textiles, and found objects, she aims to create, work that is; functional, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. She designs jewelry and apparel, both reclaiming materials: vintage and found. Ashley currently runs her own jewelry company, works as a studio artist, and as a design educator in Providence, RI and Cambridge, MA.



Nicole Marie, is alumni of Maine Media College. In 2011, Nicole traveled to Alebtong, Uganda, where she taught a photography workshop to local youth followed by a solo exhibition at Asymmetrick Arts in Rockland, ME. She currently works out of her art studio in Providence, Rhode Island, where she creates luxury goods using fabric printed with her abstract images. She also currently produces films for crowdsurfing campaigns, events, and art films nationwide.



Danikqwa is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Providence, RI. Danikqwa’s passion is to create works that compels viewers to feel inspired and encouraged.



Jeremy Paul Schilling paints the moments and feelings which are difficult or challenging to say aloud. An ever-continuing, introspective narration of thoughtful reflections, Jeremy’s artwork explores the human psyche and the internal conflicts which dwell within it. In Jeremy’s current series—The Overview Effect—his artwork focuses on astronauts and space, specifically exploring the concept of the space suit and how it acts as a shield between a person and their environment. Using oil paint and watercolors, these images are emotionally charged—examining homesickness, the acceptance of change, and the loneliness of adventure. Jeremy grew up in Connecticut where he was trained as a landscape painter before he attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied Illustration.



James is a Senior BFA student at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island. His work has been exhibited regionally as well as in China. He frequently crisscrosses the country by automobile to experience transitory moments of suspension and freedom. His current body of work explores desire as it relates to the American Road–the great historical driver of American literature, music, and art. He works as a workman, painting and repainting lines. He approaches the destination, the ideal, and then negates it, only wanting to offer a glimpse; to hover in the sweetness between here and there. He lives and works in the Ocean State.



Eran is a self-taught artist who began to paint while living in Indonesia. His artwork has its roots in Eran’s lifelong involvement in music – from Western and Middle Eastern classical, to folk traditions of the Balkans, to Javanese gamelan. Eran responds as much to the world he hears as to the world he sees. Using his musical instincts, Eran creates visual rhythm, tempo and timbre. Much of his work has been influenced by Islamic geometricity and calligraphy. In Indonesia, Eran was moved by the inescapable presence of the ocean and the underwater vistas he explored; as well to the gamelan music he heard and played. Artwork he created in Barcelona reflects his reaction to the ubiquitous juxtaposition of Catalan ‘modernisme’ and remnants of Arab/Moorish art and architecture. Eran has exhibited his paintings in Jakarta and Barcelona. While continuing to paint and draw in Providence, Eran is also exploring new media, with a particular interest in glass art.

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