Jennifer Antes

Jennifer Antes was born in the Bronx, and raised on Long Island. She was heavily influenced by New York City’s diversity, art history, and the expansive landscapes she saw and felt on camping trips to Maine, Cape Cod, Oregon, northern California, and North Dakota. Closer to home, she cherished and reveled in the ocean’s surf at Jones Beach and loved being outside, feeling the wind, being barefoot.

Her art is an attempt to recreate idealized times and her extremely powerful memories of time and place. She recreates colors and feelings experienced not only as a child, but from an earlier career as an archaeologist in the Negev Desert in Israel, Cyprus, and Southern Italy.

Her artistic goals slowly developed and people enjoy relating to her deeply autobiographical and iconographic creations.  She challenges herself to pictorially divorce from all objective representation. She rejects realism.

She rarely exhibits her work.  It is enough for her to simply make it.

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Rachel B. Bell

Rachel B. Bell is a native of Rhode Island. While a student at Lincoln School in Providence, she discovered photography. She continued her artistic studies at Smith College in Northampton, MA. In addition to photography, she studied offset printmaking.

Since graduating from Smith College in 2004, Rachel has worked as a website and graphic designer. She is also a director for SBR (Service By Referral) Network.

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Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown is a young artist illustrator from Barrington, RI. She graduated from UMASS Dartmouth with a BFA in Design-Illustration. She works as a freelance artist under the name Kelly StarSpangled. She recently won the unofficial contest to redesign the Rhode Island tourism logo.

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Eran is a self-taught artist who began to paint while living in Indonesia. His artwork has its roots in Eran’s lifelong involvement in music – from Western and Middle Eastern classical, to folk traditions of the Balkans, to Javanese gamelan. Eran responds as much to the world he hears as to the world he sees. Using his musical instincts, Eran creates visual rhythm, tempo and timbre. Much of his work has been influenced by Islamic geometricity and calligraphy. In Indonesia, Eran was moved by the inescapable presence of the ocean and the underwater vistas he explored; as well to the gamelan music he heard and played. Artwork he created in Barcelona reflects his reaction to the ubiquitous juxtaposition of Catalan ‘modernisme’ and remnants of Arab/Moorish art and architecture. Eran has exhibited his paintings in Jakarta and Barcelona. While continuing to paint and draw in Providence, Eran is also exploring new media, with a particular interest in glass art.


Vera Gierke

Vera Gierke’s art is not derived from years of Art School, but through sharing the experience and creativity with other artists and art lovers. She has been exploring several areas of art but finds the collage most fascinating. Creating the collages requires taking images and colors that she finds in one form of presentation and adapting those colors and images to a different visual experience.

The art that she creates is inspired from visuals in life; experiences, images, happenings. She creates what she feels like creating, not what someone wants her to do. That way she feels that it is her art and not programmed art. She creates what she does because she loves doing it.

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Barry Martasian

Barry Martasian was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1948. He has been making art since he went to high school. His major inspiration is within the New York School of Abstract Expressionist. His work is his constant search for the spiritual and meaning of life.

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Jazmin Tuscani

Jazmin Tuscani is a senior at Pilgrim High School in Warwick. When she graduates, she hopes to attend URI for Photography and Film. Jazmin likes to experiment with various forms of photography, both digital and traditional. Photography for Jazmin is the way she sees the world and how she wishes to show you. She hopes you enjoy the work!

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