All rooms climate controlled and include wifi and access to the Sprout Refreshment Center. The Sprout Conference Center is equipped with a projection monitor. All meeting rooms (except the Conference Center) are free for members but members must have a confirmed reservation. In addition, members are welcome to meet with guests informally in the Sprout Gallery.

Conference Center $50 per hour (members) and $60 per hour (non-members)
Valley Room $30 per hour (non-members)
Courtyard Room $30 per hour (non-members)
Cafe Meeting Room $30 per hour (non-members)


  • Conference Center

  • Conference Center

  • Valley Meeting Room

  • Cafe Meeting Room

  • Courtyard Meeting Room

Online Reservations

Reservations received during business hours will be confirmed within 2 hours. Reservations received after hours will be confirmed within 24 hours.