Kristen Avitabile

Kristen is a mixed media artist originally from Brockton, MA who received her BFA from Montserrat College of Art in ’12. After a short hiatus from showing in galleries to work in the graphic arts, she has recently began working solely freelance again. Kristen’s current work is an incorporation of acrylics, pen and ink, and paper from the 1930’s. She finds this series biggest inspiration is between her and the material. She hopes in turn the abstract images portrayed inspire individual emotions and thoughts for each viewer.
Kristen feels when painting a figure the audience may have a slightly unique perception yet, still see the same thing. Her recent work is all about allowing line and shape, and space and depth, to be the content. That way after viewing a piece, each and every single person walks away feeling, thinking, or seeing something different. Just like we all have blood pumping through our veins, each and every one of us has different hard wiring and should be using our individuality to open our eyes and our ideas a little more.



Jim Bradley

Jim is a Providence based artist working with a range of mediums. These include found object robots and multi- media assemblage boxes as well as the work shown here, poured epoxy/resin on wood panels, canvas and acrylic panels. This last medium is one that Jim has most recently started to explore after discovering its adaptability.  Traditionally a volatile substance, the products now on the market are safer for the artist to create with. More versatile than traditional art materials, epoxy/resin lends itself to applications on a wide variety of surfaces. With each piece Jim learns new techniques and means by which to create a different look and feel through the combination of paint, powdered pigments, inks and epoxy resin. The fact that it is a movable and a fluid medium is what appeals to his creativity. The end result seems to always be different from what he starts with…in a way evolving from the creative energy within.

Naked Slice - Jim 7


Kimberly Saltz

Kimberly is a sculptor born and raised in the heart of New York City. She is an undergraduate student at Brown University and has shown work at the Brooklyn Arts Gym and the Granoff Center for the Arts. She has also been featured as a finalist in Creative Quarterly, the East-West Art Awards, and the American Art Awards.

Having been labeled the “artsy” child from a young age, Kimberly has always been drawn to the use of various mediums to convey levels of human emotions and relationships. Inspired by the graceful realism of neoclassical sculptors, such as Canova, and the emotive naturalist style of Rodin, Kimberly seeks to capture organic, fluid elements through industrial, rigid material. She stumbled onto her trademark style of crocheted metal wire figures out of the frustration that her art teacher was planning to give her a B in class for not pushing herself enough. Today, Kimberly pushes herself to capture the intimate nuance of human form, emotion, and connection.

Kimberly 1


Alexandra Suarez

Alexandra was born into a Colombian family divided by political ideology. When she was born, her uncle on her mother’s side was a five star general fighting against the leftist groups. And her paternal aunts were part of those leftist groups. War made family reunions very awkward to say the least.

She was exposed to art at a very young age because her father is a painter and graphic designer and her mother is very creative. Her favorite toys were art supplies and her toy store was the art store. She started her creative expression as a Fashion Designer for several years in Los Angeles and in 2003 decided to follow in the footsteps of her father and pursue an art career which has been met with much success and positive feedback. She has been selected to participate in many art exhibitions around the United States, has been featured in Art and Collector magazines and is constantly working towards the expansion of her career and the development of her artistic expression.

Alexandra fuels her inspiration by traveling and living in different places, among them Bogota Colombia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and currently has fallen in love with Providence, a city which she describes as poetic.

In 2013 she was diagnosed with cancer, her battle with this illness only fueled her urge to create, to make a mark and to realize that in her life and in her heart, there is only love, family and art. Her new approach to life, her work and art career is strong, fearless and determined to continue, to never give up, because in this strength she finds LIFE.

child soldier - Alexandra Suarez


Lizzy Synalovski

Lizzy recently graduated from the University of Hartford where she received a BFA in printmaking with a minor in psychology. She has shown her work in many galleries in Ct, MA and NJ. New to RI she is excited to show in Providence at Sprout.

The mourning dove’s coo, and the warmth of the sun.

The kiss of your lips, the smell of cake when it’s done.

At first they were too hard to see, always slipped away.

But as I learned to truly look, they’ve begun to stay.

They dance around my heart, and keep my tears at bay.

They have helped me find the joy, in every part of day.



Sonny Walker

Sonny says, the world is my canvas, the camera is my paint brush.

 James “Sonny” Walker was born in Liberia, then relocated to the U.S. as an infant and then later moved to Providence, RI at the age of 5.

Self-taught, he picked up photography some years ago. His style of photography includes: Hyper-graphics, varying angles, and contrasting environments. His subject matter includes persons of interest and our ever changing social landscape.

Peering through his lens is like using your heart and mind to be transported to a sanctuary, where place and time isn’t contained, releasing all self-containing resistance.

sonny 1