10 Songs to help you through your work day


Sure, you can work without a little song to help you along, but would you really want to? Music has a major influence on our daily moods. With the right playlist at hand, you’re in for a cheerful, energized, and productive day. Here are ten of our Sprout office favorites to get you through the day. Just remember: keep the volume low, or crank it up in your headphones.

1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

This song is great for getting yourself pumped for work. The classic montage song, Eye of the Tiger genuinely makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Go out and get that promotion—“rise up to the challenge of your rival.”

2. The Sound of Sunshine – Michael Franti & Spearhead

An upbeat tune, perfect for a Friday. If you’re having a hard day at work, just think of how sweet it will be when you’re laying back, relaxing on the beach this weekend.

3. Work – Rihanna

Obligatory – it demands that you work. Or twerk. It’s your call.

4. Firework – Katy Perry

A song that screams “self-confidence,” Firework knows how to motivate. You are a firework. You can do it, with a little motivation and a smile on your face.

5. Also Sprach Zarathustra – Richard Strauss

Might want to stick to just the first few minutes of this one. You’ll likely remember this song from the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but Strauss’ magnum opus is perfect for making anything, from the important to the mundane, seem epic.

6. 59 th Street Bridge Song – Simon and Garfunkel

This is a song to help you relax when you’ve been stressed or feeling overworked. Sit back, listen to Simon and Garfunkel, and feel groovy. You’ll feel ready to get back in the saddle once it’s through.

7. Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea

Another great mood setter, Great Big Sea brings us a song that reminds you that no matter how bad you think your day is going, underneath the stress it’s just an ordinary day that you are going to get through like any other.

8. When The Night Feels My Song – Bedouin Soundclash

A smooth tune, not distracting, and lyrics that you’re happy to listen to, Bedouin Soundclash produced a great song that you can listen to while you do your work.

9. Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder

Sir Duke is a great song; jazzy and energetic, yet slow enough not to distract. Another all-purpose work song that makes any office feel like an old-time dance hall viagra 100.

10. You’re the Best Around – Joe Esposito

Let’s close out with another montage song to get you pumped up for that big project your boss expects on his desk by tomorrow morning. For when you need to remember that “you’re the best in town, listen to that sound.”

Go get ‘em.

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