Chelsea Fredrikson is a 27 year old, independent artist who studied printmaking at the University of Rhode Island. She currently lives in Providence and makes work out of the AS220 Printshop of which she has been a keymember for the last few years. Her work is comprised mostly of monotype prints, coupled with collograph and collage techniques, and some installations. She draws inspiration from nature, literature, and at times her own memories and dreams. More of her work can be viewed on her website at www.chelseafredrikson.com


Marina Katayeva has had a wide range of professional experiences, in Ukraine and in the United States:  architecture, interior design, and a research and development company, for which she is the president.  Through changes of country and changes of profession, the one constant has always been drawing.  She calls her drawings sketches, but they are in fact one endless line; an endless, powerful, sensual line. Recently Marina picked up Argentine Tango. Tango took over her spare time and nights.  As she danced, her lines started to dance too. She moved from pencil and paper to big brushes and huge canvases.  Dance halls and stairwells come to life with her dancing lines. Her paintings are deceivingly simple and create a very energetic and sensual atmosphere.  The kind of atmosphere people wants to bring home.  If you want to enjoy Marina’s unique designs at home, in a commercial space such as a hotel, restaurant or dance hall, or even on a business card, contact her at www.dancingline.com.


Michelle Parenteau is the owner and award winning designer of Michelle Lee Designs in Johnston, RI. Michelle has worked on interior design projects for commercial and residential clients across the country. Michelle graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She started her interior design form in 2004 and celebrated 12 years in business in July. In the past year Michelle has been exploring abstract painting and mixed media, creating unique personalized pieces of art for some of her commercial clients. Her playful use of color and texture is seen in bother her design work and her paintings.


Kate Wilson is a fine art photographer and graphic designer living in Rhode Island. Her philosophy is that clarity + simplicity = refined design. Her evocative creations are at once abstract, yet familiar.

Kate loves to travel and record the world around her. She especially enjoys capturing the humble and ordinary. It is through this mindful approach that she finds her varied subjects. Each photographic design piece Kate creates celebrates structure by elevating its simplicity, whether fleeting or enduring, in unexpected ways.

Kate has created a series of limited edition prints called ABSTRACTED REALITY MOSAICS. Unique ice formations were created by the variability in temperature drop speed and the containing vessel. Kate took photographs of the structures and manipulated them to create repeating designs at a large scale. Each finished piece measures 24×36 inches. The images were printed in black and white on metallic paper to highlight her chilly subjects. The expanded series is featured online at RISD Portfolio Showcase and Behance Curated Galleries.

As part of who Kate is as an artist, she feels a strong love for our little planet and thrills in capturing it in action to celebrate it through her creative work. To support this, Sprout Gallery is selling greeting cards featuring her TRANSFORMING REALITY designs.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards will be donated to Friends of the Earth International.

See the breadth of Kate’s visual designs at ivyroaddesign.com.